2019 Audi A6 Review – Engine & Gearbox

In the Indian market, the eighth-gen Audi A6 is discounted with only one motor gearbox blend – 2.0L TFSI with a 7-speed DCT, which sends the ability to front wheels as it were. The 2.0L 4-chamber engine with constrained enlistment is adequate to build up a pinnacle power yield of 245 PS and max force of 370 Nm.

The choice of a diesel motor or an all the more impressive petroleum power plant isn’t accessible on the A6 any longer. Notwithstanding, this 2.0L TFSI is adequate to suit everybody’s need and taste. It packs in a ton of punch and refinement. Out of gear, it is not really perceptible inside the lodge. Additionally, there are no vibrations at all anytime of the fire up range.

Discussing drivability, this engine has enough snort in the lower end of the RPM range. The mid-range includes a praiseworthy push. Around the top-end, this engine keeps on conveying force and force while singing an inline-4 explicit ensemble. Be that as it may, this isn’t the best 2.0L 4-chamber turbo-petroleum engine accessible in the portion. The Bimmers and Jags of this world success pass on in this viewpoint. The 7-speed double grip unit offers smooth shifts, yet not the quickest. There are better cycles of this gearbox accessible in Audi’s setup, as is the situation with this engine. Notwithstanding, the pleasant part here are the guiding mounted oar shifters that let the driver assume control over the controls physically.

Curiously, the Audi A6 accompanies different drive modes – Comfort, Efficiency, and Dynamic. The last is the most including one of all. In the Dynamic mode, the motor feels fire up cheerful and gearbox is prepared to hold the fires up and anxious to downshift with the most delicate of a push on the quickening agent pedal. In the Comfort mode, the reaction from both gearbox and motor is loose. In any case, it is in the Efficiency mode that A6 transforms into a thrifty mile-muncher. The gearbox consistently attempts to be in the most noteworthy conceivable apparatus to let the motor work at least potential RPMs.

In summation, Audi A6’s powertrain and drivetrain are able at dragging it around the town, in the twisties, and on the parkways. In any case, we do wish that Audi should’ve offered the alternative of a diesel motor if not an incredible petroleum engine. All things considered, with its present stockpile, the A6 is sufficiently energetic to arrive at the 100 kmph mark from a stop in 6.8 seconds, while the maximum velocity is covered at 250 kmph.

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