A detailed review for the Connected Accounting software

In spite of the fact that this is a software package which has been existed for some years, the parent company called Accountek Solutions stills propose frequent updates.

A recent update to Connected Accounting is having the Connected 9 edition be able to deal with being utilized throughout a lot of different devices. The brand has also made effort and money in order to promote the appealing features of the Connected on Demand edition, which offers universal approach from any device via a secure hosted portal.

One of the outstanding aspects found with the Connected Accounting is that it is compatible with a PC or a Mac, thus, if you have got employees who make use of a mix of machines in your enterprise, then everyone is catered for.

There will be a lot of choices regarding the functions, therefore, if you have got personnel who want to deal with accounting duties, take control over inventory, raise purchase orders as well as make informative expense reports, along with processing claims, you would find it is rather easy to have them work quicker with the system.

In spite of the fact that Connected Accounting does not as efficient as other competitors on the market, it can carry out the job without causing so much noise, which is what most business workers want to achieve.

What is more, you can also expect the usual levels of support from the Connected Accounting team, with available phone and email contacts during normal business hours. The other advantage of this package is that there will be a good standard of training including online tutoring. You will also receive full documentation in which every part of the Connected Accounting software will be clearly outlined.

Connected accounting has been on the market for a few years but is often ignored by the business owners who shop for a new bookkeeping method. In spite of the fact that it is not benefitting from the same marketing push like QuickBooks, Connected Accounting has its own appealing features, with many functionality that can be applied on a PC or Mac.

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