Review Amazon Echo Show 5

The Amazon Echo Show 5 could fit comfortably on your nightstand. This is a rather ideal smart display and also a good smart alarm clock, which costs only 90 US dollars. The price is even lower than the Google Nest Hub, which costs 130 US dollars.

Alexa comes with a lot of features activated by voice. Moreover, the Echo Show 5 also combines the best features found on the outstanding Nest Hub, which is a smart home control panel and adaptive screen brightness, with the best features found on the Lenovo Smart Clock, which is sunrise alarms and a customizable clock face. Users can make use of the camera to make video calls but both the Nest Hub and the Lenovo Smart Clock do not have any camera. If you prioritize privacy, the Echo Show 5 comes with a physical shutter and a new feature by which you can quickly delete your stored voice commands just by asking it.

In comparison of the Amazon Echo Show 5 and the Nest Hub, the latter device is still better considering different features. The Echo Show 5 has made a lot of beautiful improvements beyond just smart home touch controls yet the Nest Hub still provides a much clearer interface and it works better to show you your pictures, guide you through recipes as well as let you see directions to the destinations you want.

Moreover, the sunrise alarm feature makes the Echo Show 5 become a better alarm clock. Thus, if you are looking for a smart display for your bedroom, you should go with the Amazon Echo Show 5. Or you can choose the Nest Hub for a more effective smart display.

Despite its title, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is not the fifth version of the Echo show. The number 5 here means the 5.5-inch touchscreen. Amazon has also introduced two previous Echo Shows yet the Echo Show 5 is not going to replace the existing 2nd Echo Show. The 230-US – dollar smart display come with a 10-inch screen, which serves as a premium option from Amazon.

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