Review LG WK9 ThinQ Xboom AI Smart Display

If you get used to smart displays from Google, you must be able to familiar yourself with the basic details of the LG WK9. You will mainly use voice commands to communicate with it because it comes with an integrated Google Assistant, the same assistant found in other smart speakers on Google Home, most Android phones and many smart displays.

With Google Assistant, users are able to ask the LG Smart Display to look for the website, check the calendar, play music and take control over their smart home and so on. The capabilities equipped in the Google Assistant are keeping on increasing constantly. The screen will show you what it hears when you talk so you will know if it does not hear you, which is a nice feature that you could not receive if you choose smart display from Amazon and the Echo Show equipped by Alexa.

The screen will also try to show relevant information to your voice command. For instance, you can check the weather and you will see the forecast of the week. If you look for a place to eat, you can view the pictures of and the directions leading to local restaurants. Google will also be able to guide you through how to cook a lot of meals. You can ignore the steps if you have already known and you can also carry out different tasks while Google will save the recipe in case you want to look back.

The touchscreen makes use of the same Android Things operating system as the other third-party options from Lenovo and JBL. Android Things is another version of the famous Android mobile operating system from Android designed for smart home. On smart displays, Android Things can be personalized to display information in a big format by which youc an see throughout the room.

It works effectively because you will be capable of interacting with anything you view on the screen using your touch or your voice. In general, Google Assistant takes advantage of a touchscreen than Alexa on the Echo Show of Amazon. In a strange way, the Google Home Hub utilizes a different operating system than the third-party products yet it features the same.

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