Review the audio performance of Nest Mini speaker

When it comes to the music, the new speaker from Google keeps its promise to deliver twice the bass in comparison with the Home Mini. There is also a 40-mm driver powering the speaker. However, there is no more space between components in order to give the bass a definite boost. The newest Echo Dot still generates more sound at every volume level, yet it feels rather distorted and busy in comparison with the Nest Mini, especially when it comes to higher volumes.

Dot or Mini?

This is a quite difficult question to answer today. Both speakers have been designed to be effective but affordable products. Regarding the sound, the Nest Mini comes with a little bit more clarity and the Echo Dot is a little bit more punch. However, sound should not be the major factor used to compare these small and inexpensive speakers.

The Nest Mini has four color options to choose while the Echo Dot has different shades of gray. The Echo Dot with Clock will also cost 10 US dollars more than the Nest Mini and you are not able to mount the device on your wall. Nevertheless, you will receive a LED display and a tactile joy to snooze the alarm.

In addition, users are also capable of playing and pausing through touch controls on the Nest Mini, yet the Echo Dot provides the choice to connect to a bigger speaker setup easily using a 3.5mm cable. Both speakers can be connected for stereo sound.

The Nest Mini has integrated Chromecast capability so that users can get started their shows on the television using their voice. Streaming directly from YouTube Music works only with smart speakers from Amazon. If you are using Amazon Music, you should go with the Echo Dot.

Google Assistant performs better when it comes to answering daily queries of life and the Home App is much easier for installing and dealing with smart home devices. With better sound the Home Mini, it is more highly recommended to go with the Nest Mini.

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