Upgrade your living space with new technological products

As you may have known, smart home devices have provided people with a chance to change the whole living space and this monitor named iHome iSS50 is going to make the step further. Intelligent sensors that automate your life This intelligent sensor without using wires is able to turn normal...

Technological solutions for bikers

The lock is integrated with high technology to be monitored through the smart phones of bike owners. By this way, bikers are capable of monitoring their bikes at any time and control it by using GPS technology in case it is robbed while being locked. Connected bike locks without using...

Innovative technological devices with voice assistant

The device is going to be introduced in the upcoming time with a price tag of about 150 dollars with a simple manner to install in whatever type of car. This will be what a lot of customers would appreciate. Multifunctional digital home devices It may be true to claim...