What you can receive from the software Salestrip

Regarding the features, with Salestrip, employees are able to submit and review their expense claims whereas managers can approve them. The main advantage here is that the data could be analyzed simultaneously with your current Salesforce information in spite of the fact that the service also integrates with other ones such as Quick Books and Financial Force.

What is more, you will receive both business card reconciliation and import choices along with automatic tax reclaim when the system complies with GDPR as well. Employees can find the unlimited receipt scanning feature so useful whereas there is also another choice to search for travel and booking it when it is necessary. After all, reporting and analytics can be done in real time.

Companies that have already made use of the Salesforce appexchange platform could realize that there is another benefit of operating the SalesTrip system in which it could be bundled with other packages provided in the collection. This added advantage is that the platform based on cloud which is operated by SalesTrip is native to Salesforce, thus, you could be confident because the service has good security for customers.

In addition to the appealing nature, SalesTrip is also intuitive and easy to use for both admins working right at the headquarters and staff who need to look at the phone app when they are not be clear of.

Making use of SalesTrip provides a rather similar experience to a lot of other expense trackers in the current market. For instance, regarding the desktop, the edition based on browser comes with a clean dashboard, which is simple and has all the features you want. the main menu in the interface has one-click access to such areas Accounts, Trips, Expense and so on, all of which are often accessed by admins.

Moreover, the mobile aspect lets staff file expense claims with a clear and simple environment to upload scanned receipts and claim quickly and easily. After all, business owners can easily take advantage of the analytics provided by the cloud-based solution to keep company tabs on travel expense.

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