Whether to purchase a Google Nest Audio

Installing your Google Nest Audio is carried out via the Google Home application, and the process of linking to your Wi-Fi and configuring your Google Assistant settings is done fast and simply. From there, you can get started right by giving commands, asking questions and playing songs and if you have already got used to a smart assistant, this device works like what you would expect.

Through the Google Home Application, users can ask the speaker to work with a particular room in their home, set up filters for content and install active night mode. It is possible to link the two units of Nest Audio in a stereo pair. It is also possible to configure with other Nest speakers, but just restricted to mono sound while the ability to add the Nest Audio to a multi room installation is worth a try.

Another feature which is supported is the capability to call the speaker directly from your phone or vice versa using Google Duo. For instance, you can utilize this in order to call and check whether your children are out or not and they could keep in touch with you easier just by asking the speaker to call you.

The Google Nest Audio comes with an automatic EQ feature which will tune the speaker according to the ambient sound, and changes the sound depending on whether you are listening to music or speech from podcasts while because this takes place in an automatic manner and in the background, it is difficult to tell exactly what is being changed and how it is changed. And moving back to the problems with the sound quality, it is not necessary to improve the music listening experience but voices should be both clear and sound.

You should buy this device if you are looking for a simple and compact speaker and want one for the kitchen or the bedroom. The Nest Audio is a smart speaker which will save much of your space and can fit anywhere in your home while not delivering enough volume.

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