Which games you should play to reduce your stress level

Similar to films, video games can turn out with a lot of different emotions. Such games as Resident Evil or Silent Hill are considered better than most horror films. The Last of Us franchise is good at making an intense sense of edginess. And other games such as the Call of Duty or Fornite bring about both excitement and stress with battels between various players. However, sometimes you may just want to relax after a game. Few things are better after a difficult working day when you can lie on a couch for several hours to explore the other worlds in a relaxing environment.

Relaxing Gameplay: Flow

Flow is a single-player game in which you can take control over a strange alien organism. It is like a multi-segmented snake swimming around in an ocean. The gameplay is similar to a complicated version of Snake in which the object is going to eat the other smaller creatures, adding more segments to the snake. You can move deeper or shallower in the environment by eating organisms. Reaching particular depths leads to the player’s entity to develop into something else. Nothing will kill you but there are some rivals who can knock you down to the previous level.

What is more, the game has a dynamic soundtrack and audio effects which are really soothing. It has an aquatic feeling that is aimed at the chill nature of the game. This is also the main purpose of itself. Actually, audio is considered to be among the most relaxing parts of the game.


If a relaxing experience is what you are looking for, Journey is a product by Jenova Chen which will be your cup of tea. In this game, you can manage a robed character on a sandy desert planet. Your goal is reaching a big mountain in the distance. You will travel mainly on foot but you are able to fly or glide with a magic cape growing longer when you find upgrades. The longer the cape will be, the farther you can fly.

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